Have Sex

Schweizerprivat women is a privat sex Operating in Switzerland which supplies you with women for sex. In addition, there are different services available for you which include sex date, massages, live sex, gangbang, and many more.

Norms of Booking girls

They have an Internet presence where You can ask or book an appointment. There are different rates for each service. But there are certain protocols that the client has to abide by which are as follows:

· Wear a rubber, constantly: There’s a strict regulation of wearing a condom every single time you fuck with the women.

· The cost policy is a complete cover: The provider is inaccessible to negotiate the pricing on any conditions. The base cost includes the majority of the jobs but is subjected to need surcharges and extra charges for specific treatment.

· Confidentiality: The provider expects you to keep the services confidential under any circumstances. You can video-record the intercourse but that’s toe used only for individual usage.

If you are ready to abide by the Protocols, then welcome aboard and revel in the pleasure ride with the girls. Any violation of the conditions shouldn’t be done.

Prices of The services

The prices of the services are rather affordable. Service may lead to an alteration or a upscale pricing. If You See the provider Then you’ll be billed around 200 for half an hour per girl but if they have to Push the girls to your place, then you will be charged 400 for the same time. The gangbang service depends on the Type of celebration where the fees are going to be on the basis of lots of busy guys.