Time to step in the ‘Ear stretching’fad

Piercings and studs have been walking the earth ever since the antiquity eras. The westerners have it, the tribal people have it and even the non-contemporaries have it. While some piercings form a part of the customary practices, some prevail as the western fad. Somewhere around the piercings, proliferating as a global vogue, there emerged its newer version – ear stretching. As a part of the ear piercings, the ear piercings are an ‘another level’ of ear piercings, but with a ‘stretching’ twist.

What is ear stretching?

In brief, it incepts with a usual, normal piercing, which is made to expand slowly and slowly, to form a circular stretch at the bottom of the ear. The process of acquiring a conventional piercing at the bottom of the ear. Once the piercing has healed p fully, the ear pin or the earring is replaced with a near gauge or tapers or the earrings made especially for the ear stretching. The size of the ear gauge is increased slowly until the required stretch is reached.

Things to consider while opting for one

Ear stretching might sound amusing but often comes with a great care and precaution. The stretching needs to be taken care of and requires immense patience on the part the aspirer. However, to be on the safer side, here is a list a few things that one might want to consider to keep healthy:

  • The stretching begins with a minute piercing and often takes considerable time to build into the size required by the aspirer. To sum, a lot of patience and care is necessary to reach that size you have been waiting for.
  • Once done with the normal piercing, wait for it to heal. use a bosting lubricant before inserting the ear gauge. If it pains on the insertion, do not proceed. The pain signals that the piercing is not ready to be invaded.
  • Take extra care to steer clear from infections, after each insertion.

With little care and patience, the ear stretching can be wonderful; in fact inimitable experience.